Lake County Generators

Lake County Generators


Lake County Generators

It happens to nearly everyone. The lights start flickering during a spring ice storm, a summer thunderstorm, or winter snowstorm and you get that sinking feeling the power is about to go out in your Lake County, IN home. When electrical service is lost, the impact can be a minor or major inconvenience depending on how long it lasts. In some cases, the effects can be life-threatening if someone in the home depends on medical equipment powered by electricity. Put the worry behind you with a backup generator from Merts Heating & Air Conditioning.

Think big picture

What we’re talking about here are whole-house generators. They represent a larger investment but have several advantages over portable units:

  • Can power the entire home
  • An automotive-style engine (portable models have lawnmower-style engines)
  • Many have liquid-cooled engines to handle extended run times
  • Quieter operation
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • More fuel-efficient

Merts proudly features Briggs and Stratton generators, a well-respected name in industrial equipment.

Fuel choices

With portable generators you will likely be running to the gas station repeatedly (no easy task during snow and ice storms) if the power outage lasts for more than a day. Whole-house generators can be run on natural gas which means you never have to worry about running out of fuel. If you are in a rural area without natural gas service, you can choose models that burn propane or diesel fuel that can be supplied from a bulk tank.

Automatic transfer switches

These are the devices that really set whole-house systems apart. Commonly referred to as an ATS, the device senses power coming from your utility company. When the power is interrupted, the ATS immediately starts the generator and sends electricity to your home’s electric panel. It all happens automatically, even if you’re not home when the power goes out. When the outage ends, the ATS reverses the procedure and things are back to normal. An important warning: Whenever any type of generator is hard wired into your home, the work must be done by a qualified electrician. An improperly installed generator can be dangerous, not only for the people who live in the home, but for the workers who are trying to restore your electricity.

Peace of mind

Merts is proud to serve Lake County, IN which stretches from the shores of Lake Michigan in the north to the banks of the Kankakee River in the south. If you happen to live in the more rural areas of the county you know power outages can happen more often and last longer. You may not think you NEED a Briggs and Stratton backup generator in your Lake County home, but when the storms hit, and the power goes out you will be very happy you have one. Talk with our Merts Heating & Air Conditioning specialists about the whole-house generator that is best for your home.