bigstock-Family-meeting-real-estate-age-55766201-1024x683At Microf, building a strong relationship with consumers is our top priority. We dedicate ourselves to finding solutions for all of your wants and needs. With our advanced rent-to-own strategy, we are able to provide unparalleled flexibility through speedy response times, numerous payment terms/options, no credit checks and user-friendly contract terms. Because of our extensive Dealer Network, Microf is able to help meet your heating and cooling requests with an affordable monthly payment.

Curious if you’re eligible? The applicant and/or co-applicant(s) must be homeowner(s), you must provide a valid ID, you must have an active bank account, you must possess Homeowner’s Insurance, and you must have a comfort level with the monthly payment associated with a RESIDENTIAL REPLACEMENT HVAC system (up to 12% of verified monthly income).  Click here to find out if you are eligible today!

Microf accepts the following documents as verification of eligibility requirements:

  • Verification of homeownership: (Mortgage statement, tax record and/or warranty deed)
  • Verification of valid ID: (Driver’s License, Passport and/or Military ID)
  • Verification of Homeowner’s Insurance: (Mortgage statement, insurance statement)
  • Active Bank Account: (Bank statements, voided check, etc.)
  • Verification of Monthly Income: (Bank statement and/or paystubs)

For your convenience, we employ a 24-hour approval process guarantee that involves a completed application, a telephone interview with a Microf Relationship Manager, a successful installation by a Microf actively enrolled dealer, and a customer satisfaction acknowledgement form.

Looking for a hassle-free option? Then you have come to the right place.


Hassle free financing for all of your heating and cooling needs.